Crisis is a Time of new opportunities.

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To our goals Buy YodaX
For a long time you wanted to transform your life, have a passive income, not be afraid of problems at work or crisis?
They wanted to invest, but did not know where?
Our team of experts in economics and finance knows all the answers!

We are sure that it is no secret to anyone that the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies and this is not a bit, it is not surprising, because it is the future that lies with electronic money!

Traveling around the world, stopping let's say in Singapore and going there to a restaurant or hotel you can now pay with cryptocurrency!

Of course, our country lags behind world progress, but this is a great opportunity to purchase cryptocurrency at the stage of its inception, because Bitcoin once cost $ 2!

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the participants

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earned members

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Why did we choose Yoda X?

Buying cryptocurrency exclusively to increase funds is a thing of the past! We chose Yoda X for cooperation, because it is not just cryptocurrency, it is a tool with which investors can not only receive monthly passive income, but also will become the sources of legalization of cryptocurrency in Russia, the Yoda X team is already working on the possibility of using cryptocurrency each day! Are you taking a taxi, come to the store, sit in a restaurant? Pay Yoda X, because unlike money in your wallet or on a card, our cryptocurrency is a renewable resource!

Goals and mission

Our goal is not just to make money, all our activities are aimed at improving the quality of life of members of our community! We are constantly looking for new ways and opportunities to get the maximum income for our team; at this stage, it is cryptocurrency that is chosen, because it is a fast, effective and reliable tool! Now our team has developed an alternative opportunity to purchase real estate and cars thanks to the profit received from the investment. Having invested 100,000 rubles in the bank, in a year you can buy an apartment for 2,000,000 - no! And with us you can! Think fairy tales? No, this is due to a complex percentage, our analysts have long ago calculated everything!

The mission of our company is to provide everyone with the opportunity to combine their mental and financial potential to improve everyday life.

How is earnings made?

You still think that mining needs powerful computers and the more, the better? No, now to generate new coins it is enough for us to simply store a certain amount in our wallet!

This innovative principle is used in most modern cryptocurrencies and is called PoS mining!

The uniqueness of our system is that the number of generated coins depends on the amount of money in the wallet and on the number of wallets!


Earnings from 22% per month with a zero referral system and up to 30% with a pumped attraction system. Withdraw funds at any time! Protected against hackers, thanks to a private cold wallet chain.


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